Are system administrators in Japanese companies low level?


Are system administrators in Japanese companies low level?


I am in charge of the system at the company, but I can hardly write a program.

I am in charge of the system at a small Japanese company.

The salary is cheap.

I studied economics at university.

I couldn’t write the program at all, but I was hired as a system manager.

I’m still young, so I think the company wanted to educate me.

However, I only come up with ideas, and it is people from other companies who are actually programming.

I’m studying IT, so I have some knowledge.

I can use VBA, the command prompt , etc.

It corresponds to the personal computer trouble.

I have two national qualifications for information systems.

But I can’t write the program well.

Who is in charge of the system of overseas companies?

I think I’m in charge of low level systems.

Japan is a developing country of IT in the world.

The news that the minister in charge of cyber security “cannot use the personal computer properly” is also reported.

I continue to study every day.

There are many people in Japan who can’t operate a computer more than I do.

What are the IT skills of people working at overseas companies?

Of course, it depends on the size of the company, industry and profession.

I think the person in charge of systems working at a major overseas company is a very nice person.

In addition, I am aiming to improve my level every day so as not to lose.

It is said that he works until he is 70 years old in Japan.

I’m in my thirties now, so I have to work for another 40 years.

I will continue to study.

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